Yu-jiang Yuan

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Siberian larch (Larix sibirica) is a highly climate sensitive species. Presently, the Altay Mountains is covered by widespread forests dominated by Siberian larch and thus has a great potential for dendroclimatological studies. However, tree-ring network of the Altay Mountains has not yet been well developed. The development of the new chronologies and the(More)
Cores of Pinus tabulaformis from Tianshui were subjected to densitometric analysis to obtain mean earlywood density data. Climate response analysis indicates that May-June maximum temperature is the main factor limiting the mean earlywood density (EWD) of Chinese pine trees in the Shimen Mountains. Based on the EWD chronology, we have reconstructed May-June(More)
Tree-ring width chronologies of Tsuga longibracteata (Fujian) and Chamaecyparis obtusa (Taiwan) were developed from southeast China, and climatic factors affecting the tree-ring widths of T. longibracteata and C. obtusa were examined. Similar correlations between tree-ring chronologies and climate data demonstrated common response of radial growth of the(More)
The figure was copied and modified without including appropriate reference to the original author and article. The new figure labeling is erroneous and the legend is misleading. The figure shows a cross section of Pinus halepensis Mill, not Pinus massoniana, and the wound occurred before 1995. The authors regret this error and apologize for any confusion(More)
Influence of climate warming and resin collection on the growth of Masson pine. Using tree-ring analysis coupled with the resin tapping history and climate data, we investigated the effects of climate warming and resin collection on the radial growth of Masson pine (Pinus massoniana) in southern China. Fifty Masson pine trees from untapped (LDC) and tapped(More)
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