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Several studies suggest that loci at chromosome 22q11.2-q13 might be linked to susceptibility to schizophrenia. Here we performed family-based association studies on chromosome 22q using 12 DNA microsatellite markers in African-American, European-American, and Chinese pedigrees. The marker D22S683 showed significant linkage and association with(More)
Prior work found the APOL1, 2 and 4 genes, located on chromosome 22q12.3-q13.1, to be upregulated in brains of schizophrenic patients. We performed a family-based association study using 130 SNPs tagging the APOL gene family (APOL1-6). The subjects were 112 African-American (AA), 114 European-American (EA), 109 Chinese (Ch) and 42 Japanese (Jp) families(More)
BACKGROUND A family based association study in a British sample found the NOTCH4 gene to be associated with schizophrenia; however, all six replication studies failed to confirm the finding. METHODS We performed a family based association study of NOTCH4 and schizophrenia in 123 trios (16 Japanese and 107 Chinese). In addition to the original study's(More)
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