Yu-guang Wang

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One of the consistent findings in the brains of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) patients is loss of cholinergic function. The cholinergic approach to treatment of AD involves counteracting this loss in cholinergic activity by pharmacological intervention to increase cholinergic transmission. The cognitive effects of acetylcholine are mediated via the muscarinic M1(More)
BACKGROUND Intra-articular adhesion is a common complication in post-surgical knees. The formation of post-surgical joint adhesion could lead to serious conditions. All-trans retinoic acid (ATRA) is a physiological metabolite of vitamin A that has a wide range of biological activities. The aim of the study was to verify the effects of (ATRA) in preventing(More)
Three new lanostanoid triterpenes--ganotropic acid (1), 3β,7β,15α,24-tetra- hydroxy-11,23-dioxo-lanost-8-en-26-oic acid (2) and 3β,7β,15α,28-tetrahydroxy-11,23- dioxo-lanost-8,16-dien-26-oic acid (3)--were isolated from the n-BuOH extract of the fruiting bodies of the mushroom Ganoderma tropicum. Their structures were elucidated by 1D and 2D NMR(More)
Electrochemical water splitting is one of the most economical and sustainable methods for large-scale hydrogen production. However, the development of low-cost and earth-abundant non-noble-metal catalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction remains a challenge. Here we report a two-dimensional coupled hybrid of molybdenum carbide and reduced graphene oxide(More)
AIM Pregnane X receptor (PXR) is a nuclear receptor that regulates a number of genes encoding drug metabolism enzymes and transporters and plays a key role in xeno- and endobiotic detoxification. Ginkgolide B has shown to increase the activity of PXR. Here we examined whether ginkgolide B activated PXR and attenuated xenobiotic-induced injuries in(More)
AIM CYP2J3 in myocardium metabolizes arachidonic acid to 4 regioisomeric epoxyeicosatrienoic acids (EETs), which have diverse biological activities in rat heart. In this study we examined whether CYP2J3 was involved in cardioprotective effects of ophiopogonin D (OPD), a steroidal glycoside isolated from Chinese herb Radix ophiopogonis. METHODS Rat(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the accuracyof interactive closet point (ICP) algorithm, Procrustes analysis (PA) algorithm,and a landmark-independent method to construct the mid-sagittal plane (MSP) of the cone beam computed tomography.To provide theoretical basis for establishing coordinate systemof CBCT images and symmetric analysis. METHODS Ten patients were(More)
Here, we aimed to investigate osteogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells (hASCs) in three-dimensional (3D) bioprinted tissue constructs in vitro and in vivo. A 3D Bio-plotter dispensing system was used for building 3D constructs. Cell viability was determined using live/dead cell staining. After 7 and 14 days of culture, real-time(More)
UNLABELLED Human adipose-derived stem cells (hASCs) have the potential to differentiate into several different cell types including osteoblasts. Photobiomodulation (PBM) or low level laser therapy (LLLT) using red or near-infrared wavelengths has been reported to have effects on both proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of stem cells. We examined(More)
The purpose of this study was to study the serum pharmacochemistry of SFD as well as the material basis through analyzing the constituents absorbed in blood. The SFD was orally administrated to Wistar rats at 20 g·kg(-1), and Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) fingerprints of SFD were created. Serum samples were collected for analysis, and(More)