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The purpose of this work was to develop and characterize the fibrauretine (FN) loaded propylene glycol-embodying deformable liposomes (FDL), and evaluate the pharmacokinetic behavior and safety of FDL for vaginal drug delivery applications. FDL was characterized for structure, particle size, zeta potential, deformability and encapsulation efficiency; the(More)
In a traditional quartz crystal microbalance (QCM), an AT-cut (cut angle phi=35.25 degrees in yxl orientation) quartz wafer is employed because it has low frequency-temperature coefficients (dF/dT) at room temperature region. But when a QCM is in contact with a liquid phase, its frequency is also related to the properties of the liquid, which are(More)
OBJECTIVE To prepare human interferon-k (hIFN-kappa) and study its biological activities. METHODS Whole length of hIFN-kappa's cDNA was cloned, and its sequence was chemically synthesized according to the optimized codons of E.coli, then was expressed in E.coli DH5alpha. After purified, the rhIFN-kappa protein was tested for its various kinds of(More)
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