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To ensure that the data can be stored in the cloud securely, people encrypt their data before outsourcing to the cloud, which makes searching on a large amount of encrypted data become a demanding task. Traditional searchable encryption schemes provide a range of approaches to search on encrypted data, but they only support exact keyword search. Exact(More)
Searching on remote encrypted data (commonly known as searchable encryption) has become an important issue in secure data outsourcing, since it allows users to outsource encrypted data to an untrusted third party while maintains the capability of keyword search on the data. Searchable encryption can be achieved using the classical method called oblivious(More)
In this paper, we propose an alternative RAID data layout, Semi-RAID (S-RAID), for the kind of application that exhibits a sequential data access pattern. The data layout of S-RAID uses a grouping strategy that makes only part of the whole array active and puts the rest of the array into standby mode. In this way S-RAID can greatly reduce the power(More)
In their nature, wireless sensor nodes are resource restrained, such as low power capabilities and small memory. These limitations inevitably affect secure energy-efficient wireless sensor networks protocols in such way that some cryptographic algorithms such as asymmetric algorithms are not convenient to be used in wireless sensor nodes. In this paper,(More)
In the field of reverse engineering, the correct image base of firmware has very important significance for the reverse engineers to understand the firmware by building accurate cross references. Furthermore, patching firmware needs to insert some instructions that references absolute addresses depending on the correct image base. However, for a large(More)
A common way to evaluate the security of an industrial control system is to reverse engineer its firmware; this is typically performed when the source code of the device is not available and the firmware is not trusted. However, many industrial control systems are based on the ARM architecture for which the firmware format is always unknown. Therefore, it(More)
With the flourish of applications based on the internet of things and cloud computing, privacy issues have been attracting a lot of attentions. Although the increasing use of full disk encryption (FDE) significantly hamper privacy leakage and digital forensics, cold boot attacks have thwarted FDE since forensic recovery of scrambled telephones (FROST), a(More)