Yu-Zhe Hsiao

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Recently, a novel edge detection method for gray-level image using quantized localized phase was proposed in [1]. The rationale of this method for edge detection is that we can obtain more edge and contour information of interested image from its quantized localized phase rather than from its magnitude. This is because the phase information is of greater(More)
Non-uniform light distribution problems often arise in the text images taken by digital camera. In this paper, we propose a novel technique for text image uneven lighting removal using Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD). The EMD is local, adaptive and useful for analyzing non-linear and non-stationary signals. In this method, we decompose images by EMD and(More)
Uneven light distribution problems often arise in poorly scanned text or text-photo images and natural images taken by digital camera. An innovative image-processing technique for uneven illumination removal using empirical mode decomposition (EMD) is proposed. The EMD is local, adaptive, and useful for analyzing nonlinear and nonstationary signals. In this(More)
Affine transformations of images are common used in modern signal processing, image processing, and computer graphics areas. Take rotation of images for example, we have to calculate the positions of pixels after rotation and use methods like cubic, bilinear, and nearest neighbor interpolation to interpolate some pixels in between. These interpolation and(More)
Recently, Color Filter Array (CFA) patterns are applied popularly in a digital camera. The CFA is a mosaic-like filter which only allows one primary color to be passed and captured by the sensor at each pixel, in order to save the cost. CFA will produce a mosaic-like color image and we have to use demosaicking algorithm to recover the original color image.(More)
Empirical mode decomposition (EMD) developed by Huang et al.[1] is a nonlinear data analysis method for nonstationary real-valued time series. It has been applied extensively in many research areas. Recently, several generalized EMD methods for complex-valued data analysis was proposed [2] [3] .Since a plane closed curve comprises many two-dimensional (2D)(More)
Color correction or stabilization methods for image and video are important in signal processing areas. We can obtain image and video with better quality and more pleasing appearance by applying these correction methods. Besides, color corrected image and video also can be used to enhance performance of many post-processing techniques, such as pattern(More)
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