Yu Zhang

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—Through spatial multiplexing and diversity, multi-input multi-output (MIMO) cognitive radio (CR) networks can markedly increase transmission rates and reliability, while controlling the interference inflicted to peer nodes and primary users (PUs) via beamforming. The present paper optimizes the design of transmit-and receive-beamformers for ad hoc CR(More)
—To achieve the goal of high wind power penetration in future smart grids, economic energy management accounting for the stochastic nature of wind power is of paramount importance. Multi-period economic dispatch and demand-side management for power systems with multiple wind farms is considered in this paper. To address the challenge of intrinsically(More)
—Due to the low communication overhead and robust-ness to failures, distributed energy management is of paramount importance in smart grids, especially in microgrids, which feature distributed generation (DG). Distributed economic dispatch for a microgrid with renewable penetration and demand-side management operating in the grid-connected mode is(More)
—The smart grid vision entails advanced information technology and data analytics to enhance the efficiency, sustainability , and economics of the power grid infrastructure. Aligned to this end, modern statistical learning tools are leveraged here for electricity market inference. Day-ahead price forecasting is cast as a low-rank kernel learning problem.(More)
—A framework is introduced to integrate renewable energy sources (RES) and dynamic pricing capabilities of the smart grid into beamforming designs for coordinated multi-point (CoMP) downlink communication systems. To this end, novel models are put forth to account for harvesting, storage of nondispatchable RES, time-varying energy pricing, and stochastic(More)
—A large number of geo-distributed data centers begin to surge in the era of data deluge and information explosion. To meet the growing demand in massive data processing, the infrastructure of future data centers must be energy-efficient and sustainable. Facing this challenge, a systematic framework is put forth in this paper to integrate renewable energy(More)