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A new eddy current displacement measuring instrument independent of sample electromagnetic properties
Abstract Eddy current sensors, as one of nondestructive testing and evaluation instruments, have been widely used in displacement measurement as well as defect characterization. However, in eddyExpand
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Optimization of an Eddy Current Sensor Using Finite Element Method
To optimize the structure of an eddy current sensor (ECS) coil, the computation process of the coil impedance is firstly derived using finite element method according to the Ponying Theorem; Then theExpand
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Study on the electromagnetic properties of eddy current sensor
In order to study the influences of the properties of the measured material, measure distance, size of transducer coil and inputting frequency on the distribution of the magnetic lines of force inExpand
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An intelligent modeling and analysis method of manufacturing process using the first-order predicate logic
In this paper, an intelligent modeling and analysis method using the first-order predicate logic is proposed to evaluate the manufacturing performance. Expand
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Investigation on contribution of conductivity and permeability on electrical runout problem of eddy current displacement sensor
The coil impedance of eddy current sensor depends on sample electromagnetic properties and the displacement between sample and coil, so eddy current sensor can be developed to be a kind ofExpand
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Research on the correlation between measured material properties and output of eddy current sensor
A new idea is presented to eliminate the effect of material properties on the output of eddy current sensor. According to this idea, the rational line of resistance and inductance under the sameExpand
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3D Modeling and Simulation of the Electromagnetic Field in Eddy Current Sensor
A 3D electromagnetic simulation of an eddy current sensor with an air-cored cylinder coil was studied by Finite Element Method. Based on the characters of structure and boundary conditions, twoExpand
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Two approaches to coil impedance calculation of eddy current sensor
Eddy current (EC) sensor detects measurand by the change of coil impedance, which is introduced by coupling the magnetic energy between coil and measurement target. Therefore, it is of greatExpand
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