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Keyword search is a proven, user-friendly way to query HTML documents in the World Wide Web. We propose keyword search in XML documents, modeled as labeled trees, and describe corresponding efficient algorithms. The proposed keyword search returns the set of smallest trees containing all keywords, where a tree is designated as "smallest" if it contains no(More)
Keyword search in XML documents based on the notion of lowest common ancestors (<i>LCAs</i>) and modifications of it has recently gained research interest [2, 3, 4]. In this paper we propose an efficient algorithm called Indexed Stack to find answers to keyword queries based on XRank's semantics to LCA [2]. The complexity of the Indexed Stack algorithm is(More)
XQuery is a query language under development by the W3C XML Query Working Group. The language contains constructs for navigating, searching, and restructuring XML data. With XML gaining importance as the standard for representing business data, XQuery must support the types of queries that are common in business analytics. One such class of queries is(More)
Parallel processing continues to be important in large data warehouses. The processing requirements continue to expand in multiple dimensions. These include greater volumes, increasing number of concurrent users, more complex queries, and more applications which define complex logical, semantic, and physical data models. Shared nothing parallel database(More)
Existing works indicate that the absence of explicit discourse connectives makes it difficult to recognize implicit discourse relations. In this paper we attempt to overcome this difficulty for implicit relation recognition by automatically inserting discourse connectives between arguments with the use of a language model. Then we propose two algorithms to(More)
Seed size and shape traits are closely related to seed yield and appearance quality in soybean (Glycine max L.). Previous studies were mainly derived from bi-parental segregating populations and relatively little is known about the results in soybean cultivars. In this study, 257 soybean cultivars obtained by stratified random sampling from six geographic(More)
Large enterprises have been relying on parallel database management systems (PDBMS) to process their ever-increasing data volume and complex queries. Business intelligence tools used by enterprises frequently generate a large number of outer joins and require high performance from the underlying database systems. A common type of outer joins in business(More)
Betanodaviruses are the causative agents of viral nervous necrosis (VNN), a serious disease of cultured marine fish worldwide. Virus-like particles (VLPs) are one of the good novel vaccine candidates to control this disease. Until now, betanodavirus vaccine studies mainly focused on the humoral immune response and mortality after virus challenge. However,(More)
Foreign nurses and American nurses who are culturally diverse make up an increasing number of the US nursing workforce. Of foreign nurses, Asians constitute the largest number. Conflict is an inevitable aspect of human relations in health care settings. Nurses and other health team members with diverse cultural background bring to the workplace different(More)