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Transcription factors play a key role to enable plants to cope with abiotic stresses. DREB2 regulates the expression of several stress-inducible genes and constitutes major hubs in the water stress signalling webs. We cloned and characterized a novel gene encoding the FpDREB2A transcription factor from Fraxinus pennsylvanica, and a yeast activity assay(More)
How to effectively organize and manage vast amounts of video data on the Internet, and easily find the information people want is now one of the hotspots. Content-based video retrieval is an important means of managing video database, the efficiency of video retrieval has a direct impact on the efficiency of database management. For the video is(More)
With the application of multimedia information, a large amount of video information comes forth, how to retrieval the information required from the vast amount of data is vital. Content-based Video Retrieval is one of the leading methods to get the needed information from the vast amount of video data. Technology to extract key frames, which is an important(More)
With the development of Internet and broadband multimedia business, video becomes one of the main-stream vehicles in modern information dissemination. How to reduce the cost of video storage, classification and indexing by analyzing the video content, as well as how to improve the efficiency, availability and accessibility of the video, has become an urgent(More)
Despite the fact that the classification of gene expression data from a cDNA microarrays has been extensively studied, nowadays a robust clustering method, which can estimate an appropriate number of clusters and be insensitive to its initialization has not yet been developed. In this work, a novel Robust Clustering approach, RDSC, based on the new(More)
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