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applied on the cell reflects the changes of the physical behavior of the cell. The force, if not controlled properly, may damage to the cells or even lead to death of the cells. The current cellular force measurement is limited by the inherent cantilever structure of the sensor, which may not be applicable to a practical cell injection system. In this(More)
Because of population heterogeneity, causal inference with observational data in social science may suffer from two possible sources of bias: (1) bias in unobserved pretreatment factors affecting the outcome even without treatment; and (2)bias due to heterogeneity in treatment effects. Even when we control for observed covariates, these two biases may occur(More)
An exploration of the use of aggregated high-performance computing resources to solve large-scale engineering problems shows that it's possible to build a computational federation that's easy for users to implement, and is elastic, resilient, and scalable. The fusion of federated computing and real-life engineering problems is brought to the average user by(More)
Well-being and fitness are major focuses pushing the need for a simple and effective method to monitor health. Researchers have pointed out safety, lifetime, and reliability as the key requirements of medical devices. Mismatch between requirements of wearable medical sensor and smart phone and their implementation is one of the major causes of failure. We(More)