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A border of a string x is a proper (but possibly empty) prefix of x that is also a suffix of x. The border array β = β[1..n] of a string x = x[1..n] is an array of nonnegative integers in which each element β[i], 1 ≤ i ≤ n, is the length of the longest border of x[1..i]. In this paper we first present a simple linear-time algorithm to determine whether or(More)
By utilizing XML representations of source programs under test, a new approach is proposed to concisely implement some prototypes for TACCLE, a software testing methodology. The conversions between a source program and its XML representation can be easily realized using existing conversion tools. In this way, the conversion tools can automatically analyze(More)
Testing is the most commonly used approach to the assurance of software quality and reliability. The testing of object-oriented software is much more complex than that of conventional programs. Although we proposed previously a method called TACCLE for testing objectoriented software at the class and cluster levels, it did not cover concurrent or(More)
The nondeterministic behavior of concurrent software makes the results of its running and testing uncertain. So it is difficult to debug and test concurrent software. Reachability testing is an effective method for concurrent software testing. This paper presents a framework for selecting synchronization sequences from Java multithread program based on the(More)
A dynamic approach of cluster-level testing for object oriented software system has been proposed in our previous paper published in IEEE SMC-2000. As an improvement, this paper presents a new approach for cluster-level testing. A prototype of a semi-automatic CASE tool supporting the new approach has been developed. This paper also outlines the design and(More)
-Recent researches indicate that pulse coupled neural network can be used for image processing, such as image segmentation and edge detection effectively. However, up to now it has mainly been used for the processing of gray images or binary images, and the parameters of the network are always adjusted and confirmed manually for different images, which(More)
In this paper, we consider the entire mean weighted first-passage time (EMWFPT) with random walks on a family of weighted treelike networks. The EMWFPT on weighted networks is proposed for the first time in the literatures. The dominating terms of the EMWFPT obtained by the following two methods are coincident. On the one hand, using the construction(More)
  • Yu Xia Sun
  • 2010 2nd International Conference on Information…
  • 2010
It is a widely-used running environment for nesC applications to be performed over Avrora simulator on the platform of Cygwin (Windows). The manual creation of the running environment is time-consuming and error-prone. NesCEnv,an automatic tool,is developed to encapsulate and hide all setup and configuration details of the running environment.NesCEnv also(More)