Yu Xia Cao

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laxa Homozygosity for a missense mutation in fibulin-5 (FBLN5) results in a severe form of cutis integrative aspects of normal and abnormal function of cells and components of the respiratory system. It is published 12 times a publishes original research covering the broad scope of molecular, cellular, and
BACKGROUND Survival outcomes for patients with osteosarcoma (OS) have remained stagnant over the past three decades. Insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF1R) is over-expressed in a number of malignancies, and anti-IGF1R antibodies have and are currently being studied in clinical trials. Understanding the molecular aberrations which result in increased(More)
Isoniazid represents a first-line anti-tuberculosis medication in prevention and treatment. This prodrug is activated by a mycobacterial catalase-peroxidase enzyme called KatG in Mycobacterium tuberculosis), thereby inhibiting the synthesis of mycolic acid, required for the mycobacterial cell wall. Moreover, isoniazid activation by KatG produces some(More)
Despite the widespread use of curcumin for centuries in Eastern medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent, its molecular actions and therapeutic viability have only recently been explored. While curcumin does have potential therapeutic efficacy, both solubility and bioavailability must be improved before it can be more successfully translated to clinical care.(More)
Eukaryotic initiation factor 2A is a single polypeptide that acts to negatively regulate IRES-mediated translation during normal cellular conditions. We have found that eIF2A (encoded by YGR054w) abundance is reduced at both the mRNA and protein level during 6% ethanol stress (or 37°C heat shock) under conditions that mimic the diauxic shift in the yeast(More)
Drosophila melanogaster has become an important invertebrate model organism in biological and medical research, for mutational and genetic analysis, and in toxicological screening. Many screening assays have been developed that assess the flies' mortality, reproduction, development, morphology, or behavioral competence. In this study, we describe a new(More)
Global warming may affect snail–periphyton–macrophyte relationships in lakes with implications also for water clarity. We conducted a 40-day aquaria experiment to elucidate the response of submerged macrophytes and periphyton on real and artificial plants to elevated temperatures (3°C) under eutrophic conditions, with and without snails present. With(More)
Human serum albumin (HSA), the most prominent protein in plasma, is best known for its exceptional ligand binding capacity. HSA participates in heme scavenging by binding the macrocycle at fatty acid site 1. In turn, heme endows HSA with globin-like reactivity and spectroscopic properties. A detailed pH-dependent kinetic and spectroscopic investigation of(More)
The identification of human body fluids or tissues through mRNA-based profiling is very useful for forensic investigations. Previous studies have shown mRNA biomarkers are effective to identify the origin of biological samples. In this study, we selected 16 tissue specific biomarkers to evaluate their specificities and sensitivities for human body fluids(More)
The ongoing global climate change involves not only increased temperatures but may also produce more frequent extreme events, such as severe rainfall that could trigger a pulse of nutrients to lakes. In shallow lakes, this may affect primary producers through a number of direct and indirect mechanisms. We conducted a six-month mesocosm experiment to(More)