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RNA interference has recently become a useful research tool for the studies of gene functions, regulations, and therapies. The double-stranded RNA is utilized to induce the sequence-specific gene silencing. To achieve this goal of specific gene silencing, a proper delivery system of siRNA is highly demanded. A number of approaches for delivering siRNA have(More)
Plasma membranes of animal cells are generally impermeable to macromolecules. Protein transduction mediated by protein transduction domains (PTDs) covalently cross-linked to cargoes for cellular internalization has previously been demonstrated. Peptides with PTDs could be an effective way to deliver proteins into living cells or tissues in vitro. In this(More)
Plasma membranes of plant or animal cells are generally impermeable to peptides or proteins. Many basic peptides have previously been investigated and covalently cross-linked with cargoes for cellular internalization. In the current study, we demonstrate that arginine-rich intracellular delivery (AID) peptides are able to deliver fluorescent proteins or(More)
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