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Effect of mining on shear sidewall groundwater inrush hazard caused by seepage instability of the penetrated karst collapse pillar
Mining-induced groundwater inrush, a type of serious hazard for underground coal extraction, occurs in tunnel or coal face combined with a large volume of groundwater gushing. It has an impartibleExpand
The Influence of Fracturing Fluids on Fracturing Processes: A Comparison Between Water, Oil and SC-CO2
Conventional water-based fracturing treatments may not work well for many shale gas reservoirs. This is due to the fact that shale gas formations are much more sensitive to water because of theExpand
Mechanism of water inrush and quicksand movement induced by a borehole and measures for prevention and remediation
In coal mining, a poorly sealed borehole is one of the channels that can lead to an inrush of water and quicksand movement, seriously compromising the safety of the coal mine. In this paper, we usedExpand
Time-dependent subsidence prediction model and influence factor analysis for underground gas storages in bedded salt formations
Abstract Taking into account the impurity and creep of rock salt, a new model is proposed to predict the time-dependent subsidence of the surface above underground gas storage caverns in bedded saltExpand
Failure mechanism of bedded salt formations surrounding salt caverns for underground gas storage
Understanding the failure mechanism of bedded salt formations surrounding salt caverns is of great importance for underground gas storage. However, laboratory mechanical experiments of cores aloneExpand
Concurrent Mining During Construction and Water-Filling of a Goaf Groundwater Reservoir in a Coal Mine
Coal mining has aggravated water scarcity in the arid areas of northwestern China. Concurrent aquifer drainage, mining, and water storage is proposed, using a goaf groundwater reservoir (GGWR) toExpand
Environmental Risk Controllability and Management of VOCs during Remediation of Contaminated Sites
ABSTRACT The environmental risk controllability assessment system and its method of controlling volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during remediation of contaminated sites are established in thisExpand
Application of quantification theory in risk assessment of mine flooding
Abstract Hundreds of mine flooding accidents have occurred in China since the 1950s. These flooding accidents result in submerged working faces, even entire coal mines, leading to tremendous economicExpand
Collapse mechanism of the overlying strata above a salt cavern by solution mining with double-well convection
In solution mining of salt formations, unreasonable salt cavities formed may lead to surface collapse hazards. In this paper, a mathematical model was proposed to analyze the collapse mechanism ofExpand
Mechanism of collapse sinkholes induced by solution mining of salt formations and measures for prediction and prevention
In salt mining, the salt caverns formed by solution mining may lead to collapse sinkhole disasters. Predicting and preventing this type of sinkholes is a real and urgent problem. In this paper, threeExpand