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Top-k monitoring queries are useful in many wireless sensor network applications. There is a well-known approach called FILA to process this kind of queries. Its basic idea is to install a filter at each sensor node to avoid unnecessary transmissions of sensor readings. FILA uses two algorithms to ensure the correctness and efficiency of the approach: a(More)
A wireless sensor network is a collection of sensor nodes distributed over a geographic area to monitor physical conditions,such as temperature, light, humidity, or pressure.Since a sensor node has limited energy supply,running multiple continuous monitoring queries may impose significant overhead on the sensor network.In this paper,we propose an(More)
After intratesticular injection of a chromium hematoxylin and fluorescent nanoparticle solution, we found a novel flow path in the abdominal cavity consisting of primo-vessels and primo-nodes. This flow path formed a network that crossed over the surfaces of abdominal organs, and generally linked to the greater omentum and adjacent visceral peritoneum. Some(More)
Given a set of objects, the skyline query returns those objects which are not dominated by other objects in the same dataset. An object o dominates another object o' if and only if o is strictly better than o' on at least one dimension and o is not worse than o' on the other dimensions. Although the skyline computation has received considerable attention(More)
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