Yu-Wen Yang

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The effects of the spatial arrangement of the conjugated side chains of two-dimensional polymers on their optical, electrochemical, molecular-packing, and photovoltaic characteristics were investigated. Accordingly, novel polythiophenes with horizontally (PBTTTV-h) and vertically (PBTTTV-v) grafted terthiophene–vinylene (TTV) conjugated side chains were(More)
A new oxidation procedure of alkynes catalyzed by Tp(PPh(3))(CH(3)CN)Ru-Cl is presented, which provides an efficient way to obtain alkenyl 1,2-diketones via ruthenium alkenyl 1,2-diketone intermediates. In contrast, the analogous reactions with Tp(PPh(3))(PhCN)Ru-Cl gave rise to the ruthenium metallacycle complexes.
The first example of intermolecular amination of unactivated C(sp(3) )-H bonds by cyclic alkylamines mediated by Cu(OAc)2 /O2 is reported. This method avoids the use of benzoyloxyamines as the aminating reagent, which are normally prepared from alkylamines in extra steps. A variety of unnatural β(2, 2) -amino acid analogues are synthesized by this simple(More)
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