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On May 17th 1999, the Remote Agent (RA) became the first Artificial Intelligence based closed loop autonomous control system to take control of a spacecraft. The RA commanded NASA's New Millennium Deep Space One spacecraft when it was 65 million miles away from earth. For a period of one week this system commanded DS1's Ion Propulsion System, its camera,(More)
—The six-day Remote Agent Experiment (RAX) on the Deep Space 1 mission will be the first time that an artificially intelligent agent will control a NASA spacecraft. Successful completion of this experiment will open the way for AI-based autonomy technology on future missions. An important validation objective for RAX is implementation of a credible(More)
In May 1999 state-of-the-art autonomy technology was allowed to assume command and control of the Deep Space One spacecraft during the Remote Agent Experiment. This experiment demonstrated numerous autonomy concepts ranging from high-level goal-oriented commanding to on-board planning to robust plan execution to model-based fault protection. Many lessons of(More)
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