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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We sought to determine whether mid-sagittal intracranial area (ICA) is a valid surrogate of intracranial volume (ICV) when using retrospective data with relatively thick (6-7 mm) sagittal slices. METHODS Data were retrospectively analyzed from 47 subjects who had two MRI scans taken at least nine months apart. Twenty-three subjects(More)
OBJECTIVE Atrial fibrillation (AF) is associated with poor outcome after intravenous thrombolysis probably due to greater pretreatment stroke severity. We conducted this retrospective study to determine whether AF is an independent predictor for clinical outcome in patients stratified by initial stroke severity. METHODS A total of 143 acute ischemic(More)
Quantum-dot-tagged reduced graphene oxide (QD-rGO) nanocomposites (left) internalized into targeted tumor cells display bright fluorescence from the QDs (right); by absorbing NIR radiation incident on the rGO and converting it into heat, they also cause simultaneous cell death and fluorescence reduction (bottom). The nanocomposite is thus capable of tumor(More)
The study identifies the role played by different components of natural aquatic systems on the poorly known geochemistry of antimony. Different chemical forms of antimony were measured in porewaters and sediments of two Sudbury lakes characterized by contrasting redox conditions at the sediment-water interface. In porewaters, Sb(III) was present under(More)
This study examined the consistency between the findings of developmental coordination disorder (DCD) as identified by the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency (BOTMP) and the Movement Assessment Battery for Children (MABC), and explored the psychosocial and attention characteristics of children with DCD identified by the two motor tests,(More)
OBJECTIVES Case-mix adjustment is difficult for stroke outcome studies using administrative data. However, relevant prescription, laboratory, procedure, and service claims might be surrogates for stroke severity. This study proposes a method for developing a stroke severity index (SSI) by using administrative data. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING We identified(More)
Determination of the volumes of acute cerebral infarct in the magnetic resonance imaging harbors prognostic values. However, semiautomatic method of segmentation is time-consuming and with high interrater variability. Using diffusion weighted imaging and apparent diffusion coefficient map from patients with acute infarction in 10 days, we aimed to develop a(More)