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Chemistry and health effects of furanocoumarins in grapefruit.
Differentiation between Flavors of Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) and Mandarin (Citrus reticulata).
S sensory analysis illustrated the crucial role of aroma in the differentiation between orange flavor and mandarin flavor and an unreleased mandarin hybrid producing fruit with orange-like flavor was used to validate the identification of characteristic volatiles inorange-like aroma.
Identification and Quantification of Potential Anti-inflammatory Hydroxycinnamic Acid Amides from Wolfberry.
In vitro studies indicated that five HCCA compounds showed inhibitory effect on NO production inuded by lipopolysaccharides with IC50 less than 15.08 μM (trans-N-feruloyl dopamine), which suggested that wolfberries demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties.
Metabolic Analysis Reveals Altered Long-Chain Fatty Acid Metabolism in the Host by Huanglongbing Disease.
The findings suggest that the infection of CLas may cause the altered metabolism of long-chain fatty acids, possibly leading to manipulation of the host's defense derived from fatty acids.
Relationship between Sensory Attributes and Chemical Composition of Different Mango Cultivars.
It is demonstrated that interaction between individual chemical compounds within mangoes could be responsible for the specific sensory qualities of mango cultivars and provided insight into a paradigm for the selection and development of new and more desirable mango cultivar in the future.
Comprehensive Metabolomics Analysis of Mandarins ( Citrus reticulata) as a Tool for Variety, Rootstock, and Grove Discrimination.
Results revealed that mandarin varieties could be differentiated using the metabolite profile, while the compositions of flavonoids have the potential for variety differentiation.
Natural Dietary Products and Their Effects on Appetite Control.
This perspective aims at elucidating the neuronal mechanisms of food intake and energy balance as well as providing an alternative pathway of controlling weight using natural dietary products.