Yu Wakabayashi

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The present study examines the indispensability of a nucleus or nucleus-deriving factors in the induction of cleavage in Xenopus eggs by testing cleavage in Xenopus eggs fertilized with ultraviolet (UV)-damaged sperm and deprived of the female nucleus. These eggs, which contain only one UV-damaged nucleus with one set of centrioles, undergo unique(More)
T h cells have long been divided into two subsets, T h 1 and T h 2; however, recently, T h 17 and inducible regulatory T (iTreg) cells were identified as new T h cell subsets. Although T h 1-and T h 2-polarizing cytokines have been shown to suppress T h 17 and iTreg development, transcriptional regulation of T h 17 and iTreg differentiation by cytokines(More)
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