Yu Wai Shum

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The solving of Weighted CSP (WCSP) with global constraints relies on powerful consistency techniques, but enforcing these consistencies on soft global constraints is not a trivial task. Lee and Leung suggest that a soft global constraint can be used practically if we can find its minimum cost and perform projections/extensions on it in polynomial time, at(More)
Lee and Leung make practical the consistency enforcement of global cost functions in Weighted Constraint Satisfaction Problems (WCSPs). The main idea of their approach lies in the derivation of polynomial time algorithms for the computation of the minimum cost of global cost functions. In this paper, we investigate how soft arc consistency can also be(More)
Lee and Shum consider cost functions that are Polynomially Linear Projection-Safe (PLPS), but whose minimum cost computation is usually NP-hard. They suggest how such cost functions can still be efficiently propagated using relaxed forms of common consistencies. In this paper, we show that conjunctions of PLPS cost functions are still PLPS, and Lee and(More)
The Asia Pacific Information and Communication Technology Alliance (APICTA) Awards has been held for 12 years, rewarding the most innovative solutions in different categories of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). To maintain professionalism, judges are nominated from each economy, and appointed to panels of different categories. Judge(More)
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