Yu V. Shlyugaev

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The results of simultaneous radio and gamma emission measurements during thunderstorms are presented. A gamma detector situated at the height 3840 m and two radio detectors of Tien-Shan Mountain Scientific Station (altitude 3340 m) registered intensive gamma flashes and radio pulses during the time of lightning initiation. The radio-gamma correlation grows(More)
In this paper we discuss the results of our studies of the regional storm activity, in particular the spatial characteristics of thunderstorms passing through the region in order to develop the revised criteria for interconnection of electrical and meteorological phenomena. The Lightning Detection Network in Nizhny Novgorod region dedicated to the academic(More)
We report here for the first time about the registration of an extraordinary high flux of low-energy neutrons generated during thunderstorms. The measured neutron count rate enhancements are directly connected with thunderstorm discharges. The low-energy neutron flux value obtained in our work is a challenge for the photonuclear channel of neutron(More)
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