Yu. V. Nesterov

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We present a convex conic relaxation for a problem of maximizing an indefinite quadratic form over a set of convex constraints on the squared variables. We show that for all these problems we get at least 12 37 -relative accuracy of the approximation. In the second part of the paper we derive the conic relaxation by another approach based on the second(More)
In this paper we suggest a new efficient technique for solving integer knapsack problems. Our algorithms can be seen as application of Fast Fourier Transform to generating functions of integer polytopes. Using this approach, it is possible to count the number of boolean solutions of a single n-dimensional Diophantine equation 〈a, x〉 = b in O(‖a‖1 ln ‖a1‖ ln(More)
In this paper we develop a new and efficient method for variational inequality with Lipschitz continuous strongly monotone operator. Our analysis is based on a new strongly convex merit function. We apply a variant of the developed scheme for solving quasivariational inequality. As a result, we significantly improve the standard sufficient condition for(More)
Positive polynomial matrices play a fundamental role in systems and control theory: they represent e.g. spectral density functions of stochastic processes and show up in spectral factorizations, robust control and filter design problems. Positive polynomials obviously form a convex set and were recently studied in the area of convex optimization [1, 5]. It(More)
In this paper we develop a technique for constructing self-concordant barriers for convex cones. We start from a simple proof for a variant of standard result [1] on transformation of a ν-self-concordant barrier for a set into a self-concordant barrier for its conic hull with parameter (3.08 √ ν + 3.57)2. Further, we develop a convenient composition theorem(More)