Yu. V. Mironov

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We studied the biodistribution of luminescent octahedral rhenium cluster complex K4[Re6S8(CN)6], a promising agent for photodynamic therapy. It was shown that rhenium complex [Re6S8(CN)6]4- is mainly accumulated in the liver, the central organ of metabolism, and can be excreted by the kidneys. The cluster complex was also accumulated in the spleen in(More)
The unique dodecanuclear cluster compound Re<inf>12</inf>CS<inf>17</inf> was prepared and studied by X-ray, complex impedance method and density functional theory (DFT). The compound possesses semiconducting properties. Computer simulations showed that the Re and S atoms at the external borders of the neighboring molecules Re<inf>12</inf>CS<inf>17</inf> can(More)
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