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Underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSNs) is a novel networking paradigm to explore aqueous environments. The characteristics of mobile UWSNs, such as low communication bandwidth, large propagation delay, floating node mobility, and high error probability, are significantly different from terrestrial wireless sensor networks. Energy-efficient(More)
Data sets that are gathered for industrial applications are frequently noisy and present challenges that necessitate use of different methodologies.We present a successful example of generating concise and accurate neural-network models for multiple quality characteristics in injection molding. These models map process measurements to product quality. They(More)
Fuzzy computing (FC) has made a great impact in capturing human domain knowledge and modeling non-linear mapping of input-output space. In this paper, we describe the design and implementation of FC systems for detection of money laundering behaviors in financial transactions and monitoring of distributed storage system load. Our objective is to demonstrate(More)
Abuse on a large-scale website such as YouTube comes in various forms — scraping, email spam, hate speech, or “black-hat” search engine optimization to name a few — and must be fought accordingly. The detection of abusive behaviors uses supervised (machine learning) as well as unsupervised algorithms to mine billions of requests and predict the likelihood(More)
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