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Many countries encourage brownfield regeneration as a means of sustainable development but define " brownfield " differently. Specifically, the definitions of brownfield in the regeneration policies of countries with higher population densities usually promote recycling land that is previously developed, whether or not there is chemical contamination.(More)
With the aim of discovering new anticancer agents, we have designed and synthesized novel α-aminophosphonate derivatives containing a 2-oxoquinoline structure using a convenient one-pot three-component method. The newly synthesized compounds were evaluated for antitumor activities against the A549 (human lung adenocarcinoma cell), HeLa (human cervical(More)
This paper presents a rapid stain detection design based on RGB components, by the analysis of black and yellow stains on the tow, overcoming the low artificial test recognition and efficiency and improving the quality of tow in practice. Based on machine vision technology, first, we obtain images through image capture devices and save them as BMP file(More)
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