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A hierarchical scheme for elastic graph matching applied to hand gesture recognition is proposed. The proposed algorithm exploits the relative discriminatory capabilities of visual features scattered on the images, assigning corresponding weights to each feature. A boosting algorithm is used to determine the structure of the hierarchy of a given graph. The(More)
Complex decision making scenarios require maintaining high level of concentration and acquiring knowledge about the context of the task in hand. Focus of attention is not only affected by contextual factors but also by the way operators interact with the information. Conversely, determining optimal ways to interact with this information can augment(More)
Electrical stimulation is usually applied percutaneously for facilitating peripheral nerve regeneration. However, few studies have conducted long-term monitoring of the condition of nerve regeneration. This study implements an implantable biomicrosystem for inducing pulse current for aiding nerve repair and monitoring the time-course changes of nerve(More)
In this study, we examined the possibility that 5-HT1A receptors may underlie sexually dimorphic mechanisms affecting the regulation of urethral functions in anesthetized rats. Simultaneous recordings of intravesical pressure under isovolumetric conditions, external urethral sphincter-electromyography, and urethral perfusion pressure were used to examine(More)
A robotic scrub nurse (RSN) designed for safe human-robot collaboration in the operating room (OR) is presented. The RSN assists the surgical staff in the OR by delivering instruments to the surgeon and operates through a multimodal interface allowing instruments to be requested through verbal commands or touchless gestures. A machine vision algorithm was(More)