Yu-Ting Caisy Hung

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Traditional models of trust have seen trust as being created as a result of a long history of interaction, but recent studies of trust in virtual teams have shown the existence of high initial trust among team members. This paper proposes an integrated model of trust that encompasses both the traditional view of trust and the swift trust found in virtual(More)
This paper presents an efficient hardware/software partitioning approach that target at embedded multiprocessor systems with time, area, and power constraints. Our approach is performed in two phases. In the partitioning phase, for an embedded system with p software components and q hardware components, recursive spectral bisection (RSB) has been used to(More)
traditionally, trust has been seen as a result of personal knowledge of an individual’s past behavior. In this view, trust develops gradually over time based on an individual’s cognitive assessment of the other person’s behavior. However, high levels 242 RObERt, DENNIS, AND HuNg of trust have been observed among members of virtual teams, who often have(More)
The rise of the virtual organization in response to global competition and advances in technology has led to the deployment of global virtual teams. Global virtual teams are increasingly commonplace when team members are geographically dispersed and as travel budgets are cut. A global virtual team can be described as a culturally diverse, geographically(More)
Ultrasound has become a useful adjunct to many procedures performed in rehabilitation medicine. It has the advantages of cost-effectiveness, lack of radiation, and readiness of use and the ability to make dynamic examinations possible compared with other imaging tools. Through dynamic examinations, needles can be guided accurately to the target sites to(More)