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Graphene-based materials can have well-defined nanometer pores and can exhibit low frictional water flow inside them, making their properties of interest for filtration and separation. We investigate permeation through micrometer-thick laminates prepared by means of vacuum filtration of graphene oxide suspensions. The laminates are vacuum-tight in the dry(More)
This paper proposes the implementation of fuzzy motion control based on reinforcement learning (RL) and Lagrange polynomial interpolation (LPI) for gait synthesis of biped robots. First, the procedure of a walking gait is redefined into three states, and the parameters of this designed walking gait are determined. Then, the machine learning approach applied(More)
Particle swarm-based symbiotic evolutionary (PSSE) algorithm is a novel symbiotic evolution (SE) that incorporates particle swarm optimization (PSO). Different from the conventional genetic algorithm (GA), PSSE established the coevolution and the cooperation between symbiotic relationship and swarm intelligence. Moreover, due to the adoption of sexual(More)
The Criegee intermediates are carbonyl oxides postulated to play key roles in the reactions of ozone with unsaturated hydrocarbons; these reactions constitute an important mechanism for the removal of unsaturated hydrocarbons and for the production of OH in the atmosphere. Here, we report the transient infrared (IR) absorption spectrum of the simplest(More)
1 The design and implementation of Fuzzy Policy Gradient Learning (FPGL) method for humanoid robot is proposed in this paper. This paper not only introduces the phases of the humanoid robot walking, but also improves and parameterizes the gait pattern of the robot. FPGL is an integrated machine learning method based on Policy Gradient Reinforcement Learning(More)
Basing on the simulation of a social metaphor instead of the survival of the fittest individual paradigm, particle swarm optimization is a population-based swarm intelligence algorithm. Inspired by the conventional particle swarm method, ecological theory, and biological theory, this work proposes a novel ecological-biological-behaved particle swarm(More)