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Straight single-line-defect photonic crystal (PC) waveguides on GaAs slabs with lengths of 1, 4, and 10 mm have been fabricated. By controlling the Al content of a sacrificial AlGaAs clad layer and the wet etching duration, a PC core layer with a very smooth surface was obtained. Atomic force microscope images indicate that the roughness on the top surface(More)
We demonstrated a novel two-dimensional photonic crystal (PC) based Symmetric Mach Zehnder type all-optical switch (PC-SMZ) with InAs quantum dots (QDs) acting as a nonlinear phase-shift source. The 600- ?m-long PC-SMZ having integrated wavelength-selective PC-based directional couplers and other PC components exhibited a 15-ps-wide switching-window with(More)
An Si/III-V hybrid laser oscillating at a single wavelength was developed for use in a large-scale Si optical I/O chip. The laser had an InP-based reflective semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) chip integrated with an Si wavelength-selection-mirror chip in a flip-chip configuration. A low coupling loss of 1.55 dB at the Si-SOA interface was accomplished(More)
We have observed laser action from optically-pumped InAs-quantum-dots embedded in a line-defect waveguide in an air-bridge type GaAs-photonic-crystal slab (an array of air-holes). The lasing is found to occur without any optical cavity such as a set of Fabry-Perot mirrors. Comparison of the observed transmittance spectrum with the calculated band dispersion(More)
We report superior spectral characteristics of silicon-nanowire-based 5th-order coupled resonator optical waveguides (CROW) fabricated by 193-nm ArF-immersion lithography process on a 300-mm silicon-on-insulator wafer. We theoretically analyze spectral characteristics, considering random phase errors caused by micro fabrication process. It will be(More)
We propose a novel silicon-nanowire-type multiplexer (MUX) / demultiplexer (DeMUX) based on multi-stage microring resonator assisted delayed Mach-Zehnder interferometers. It is theoretically shown that spectral flatness of DeMUX spectra can be accomplished by incorporating nonlinear phase behaviors of microring resonators into the multi-stage delayed(More)
We report good phase controllability and high production yield in Si-nanowire-based multistage delayed Mach-Zehnder interferometer-type optical multiplexers/demultiplexers (MUX/DeMUX) fabricated by an ArF-immersion lithography process on a 300 mm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafer. Three kinds of devices fabricated in this work exhibit clear 1×4 Ch wavelength(More)
Excellent optical interference was experimentally demonstrated in the near infrared region using asymmetric Mach-Zehnder (MZ) type GaAs-based two-dimensional photonic crystal (2DPC) slab waveguides with directional couplers (DCs). As one of two MZ arm lengths changed in units of the lattice constant, the output intensities exhibited sinusoidal curves in(More)