Yu-Syuan Lin

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This paper reports on the impact of shallow-trench isolation (STI) on flicker noise characteristics in 0.13-μm RF nMOSFETs. The drain noise current spectral density was measured in both triode and saturation regions for a more complete study. The devices with a relatively small finger width and a large finger number (W = 1 μm/Nfinger = 40 and W = 5(More)
In this paper, we report the optical constants (refractive index, extinction coefficient) of self-assembled hollow gold nanoparticle (HGN) monolayers determined through spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE). We prepared a series of HGNs exhibiting various morphologies and surface plasmon resonance (SPR) properties. The extinction coefficient (k) curves of the HGN(More)
A fully integrated frequency divider with an operation frequency up to 20 GHz is designed in 0.18m CMOS technology. The frequency divider includes two stages to divide the input signal by a factor of 4. A wide locking range from 18.8 to 23.2 GHz was obtained with a low phase noise of 134 8 dBc/Hz (1-MHz offset) at an output frequency of 4.7 GHz. The first(More)
In this letter, a selective Si diffusion approach is proposed to improve both the forward and reverse characteristics of AlGaN/GaN Schottky barrier diodes on Si substrates. The Si diffusion layer forms a dual Schottky barrier anode structure, which results in a low Schottky barrier portion to reduce the onset voltage VON from 1.3 to 1.0 V (23%). In the same(More)
In this letter, a hybrid Schottky–ohmic drain structure is proposed for AlGaN/GaN high-electron-mobility transistors on a Si substrate. Without additional photomasks and extra process steps, the hybrid drain design forms a Γ-shaped electrode to smooth the electric field distribution at the drain side, which improves the breakdown voltage and lowers the(More)
A turn-off fluorescence sensor synthesized by combining copper (II) oxide and multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) were used for measuring glyphosate based on the inhibiting the catalytic activity of the CuO/MWCNTs. This sensor was synthesized by precipitating copper ions onto the acidic MWCNTs under basic conditions; the resulting material was characterized(More)
In this study, the impacts of gate recess and passivation on AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) were investigated. The trap-related characteristics were studied in detail by several different measurements including dc current– voltage, current collapse, gate lag, and flicker noise characterizations. With a Cl2/Ar-recessed gate, drain(More)
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