Yu-Sung Chang

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Reconstruction of missing or damaged portions of images is an ancient practice used extensively in artwork restoration. Recently, a few digital inpainting models based on the use of partial differential equations have been proposed. Unfortunately, these algorithms are computationally expensive, usually taking a few minutes to restore small portions of an(More)
During the past twenty years, much research has been undertaken to study surface representations based on B-splines and box splines. In contrast, volumetric splines have received much less attention as an effective and powerful solid modeling tool. In this paper, we propose a novel solid subdivision scheme based on tri-variate box splines over tetrahedral(More)
Subdivision has gained popularity in computer graphics and shape modeling during the past two decades, yet volumetric subdivision has received much less attention. In this paper, we develop a new subdivision scheme which can interpolate all of the initial control points in 3D and generate a continuous volume in the limit. We devise a set of solid(More)
This paper presents a new unified subdivision scheme that is defined over a k-simplicial complex in n-D space with k ≤ 3. We first present a series of definitions to facilitate topological inquiries during the subdivision process. The scheme is derived from the double (k + 1)-directional box splines over k-simplicial domains. Thus, it guarantees a certain(More)
Potentio-dynamic polymerization of buffered urease and pyrrole monomer onto carbon papers was conducted to fabricate an immobilized urease electrode for measuring the urea concentration. To use carbon paper as the substrate for the electro-growth of polypyrrole matrix not only created sufficient adhesion of the conducting polymer layer but also provided(More)
This paper presents a new, volumetric subdivision scheme for interpolation of arbitrary hexahedral meshes. To date, nearly every existing volumetric subdivision scheme is approximating, i.e., with each application of the subdivision algorithm, the geometry shrinks away from its control mesh. Often, an approximating algorithm is undesirable and(More)
This paper presents DigitalSculpture, an interactive sculpting framework founded upon isosurfaces extracted from recursively subdivided, 3D irregular grids. Our unique implicit surface model arises from an interpolatory, volumetric subdivision scheme that is C continuous across the domains defined by arbitrary 3D irregular grids. We assign scalar(More)
In this survey paper, we discuss subdivision geometry, subdivision schemes, its analysis and applications, especially from the view of solid modeling. Subdivision technique has been widely accepted in computer graphics and geometric design applications. However, it has been largely ignored in solid modeling. The first few sections are devoted to the history(More)