Yu-Shuo Chang

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While the combination of cloud computing and mobile computing, termed mobile cloud computing, started to show its effects recently with many seemingly innovative smartphone applications and cloud services surfacing to the market today, we believe that the real potentials of mobile cloud computing is far from been fully explored due to several practical(More)
Recently, we demonstrated a spinal GABA(A) receptor (GABA(A)R)-dependent inhibition on the induction of repetitive stimulation-induced spinal reflex potentiation. However, it remains unclear whether steroid hormones modulate such an inhibition. Here, we show that progesterone is capable of producing GABA(A)Rs-dependent inhibition of the induction of spinal(More)
Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is a technology which converts the phrases or words spoken by human into text. As a mature technology, ASR has become an alternative input method on many mobile devices, complementing the other input methods operated by hands. Although the technology has been developed for years, the accuracy and computational complexity(More)
CLIPS is a non-algorithmic language designed especially for developing expert systems. To address the problem that CLIPS suffers from long execution time because of the characteristics of rule-based language, previously we have proposed a Grid-enabled parallel CLIPS language and a dynamic load balancing programming model that can parallelize the execution(More)
Persistent impairment of pulmonary defense reflexes is a critical factor contributing to pulmonary complications in patients with spinal cord injuries. The pulmonary chemoreflex evoked by activation of bronchopulmonary C-fibers has been reported to be abolished in animals with acute cervical hemisection (C2Hx). The present study examined whether the(More)
FuzzyCLIPS is a knowledge-base programming language designed especially for developing fuzzy expert systems. However, it usually requires much longer execution time than algorithmic languages. To address this problem, we propose to design a parallel version of FuzzyCLIPS to efficiently utilize the computing resources in emerging cluster and grid systems.(More)
FuzzyCLIPS is a rule-based programming language and it is very suitable for developing fuzzy expert systems. However, it usually requires much longer execution time than algorithmic languages such as C and Java. To address this problem, we propose a parallel version of FuzzyCLIPS to parallelize the execution of a fuzzy expert system with data dependence on(More)
Visual fatigue is commonly encountered in modern life. Clinical visual fatigue characteristics caused by 2-D and 3-D animations may be different, but have not been characterized in detail. This study tried to distinguish the differential effects on visual fatigue caused by 2-D and 3-D animations. A total of 23 volunteers were subjected to accommodation and(More)
Recently, IPTV services over Internet and wireless networks have been increasing rapidly. Hence, in this paper we introduce a presentation deadline-based cross-layer design for improving the QoS of IPTV services over wireless networks. Our cross-layer design uses the presentation timestamp in the RTP packet header to derive a presentation deadline for each(More)
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