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The visual cortex of the golden hamster was studied by means of multi-unit and single unit recording, which revealed three separate retinotopic maps of the visual field in the posterior cortex. V1, corresponding to cyto-architectonic area 17, has the contralateral temporal field represented medially, the central visual field (extending about 10 deg(More)
The superior colliculus of the golden hamster was investigated by means of multi-unit and single unit recording. The retinotopic map, which probably embraces a projection from the entire retina of the contralateral eye, is organized as in other vertebrates, with the central field represented in the anterior colliculus, the upper field medially.(More)
Ganglion cell swere counted and measured in whole mounts of the hamster's retina, stained with methylene blue. Their density varies between about 1,000/mm2 at the edge of the retina to about 5-6,000/mm2 in a broad area centralis centred about 1.9 mm(39 deg) directly temporal to the optic disk. Maps of cell density show a long horizontal extension of the(More)
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