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How do a firm's internal capabilities and external partnerships contribute to its product and process innovativeness? How do their impacts differ? Based on the theoretical framework of exploitation and exploration, we develop an integrative model linking the impact of both internal capabilities and external partnerships on product and process(More)
An animal study in rats and a cell culture study in normal human lung epithelial cells were conducted to evaluate the efficacy of N-acetyl-l-cysteine (NAC) in paraquat intoxication and associated inflammatory and oxidative stress. The effectiveness of post treatment was measured by the change of mortality rates and markers of oxidative stress, including(More)
By the time this last issue of Volume 24 of the Asia Pacific Journal of Management reaches you, it probably will be early 2008. It is time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our Journal, which published its Volume 1 in 1983. While it is difficult to accurately pinpoint the birth date of Asia Pacific management research, it is reasonable to argue that as(More)
and seminar participants for their helpful comments. All views expressed are ours and not those of the funding agencies. [Abstract] International business (IB) is known for its diversity and consequently its lack of central frameworks unifying the discipline. At AIB50/JIBS40, it is time to "stand and deliver." In this spirit, we argue that a unified(More)
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