Yu-Shan Chen

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No prior literature explores the influence of green transformational leadership on green performance, thus, this study develops a novel research framework to fill the research gap. This study investigates the influence of green transformational leadership on green performance and discusses the mediation effects of green mindfulness and green self-efficacy(More)
This study proposes a new concept, green organisational ambidexterity, that integrates green exploration learning and green exploitation learning simultaneously. Besides, this study argues that the antecedents of green organisational ambidexterity are green shared vision and green absorptive capacity and its consequents are green radical innovation(More)
Ubiquitination is crucial for cellular processes, such as protein degradation, apoptosis, autophagy, and cell cycle progression. Dysregulation of the ubiquitination network accounts for the development of numerous diseases, including cancer. Thus, targeting ubiquitination is a promising strategy in cancer therapy. Both apoptosis and autophagy are involved(More)
This study integrates the techniques of nanoelectroforming, hot-embossing, and electrochemical deposition to develop a disposable, low-cost, and high sensitivity nanostructure biosensor. A modified anodic aluminum oxide barrier-layer surface was used as the template for thin nickel film deposition. After etching the anodic aluminum oxide template off, a(More)
  • Hsiao-Chen Liao, Shang-Yin Wu, Chun-Yen Ou, Jenn-Ren Hsiao, Jehn-Shyun Huang, Sen-Tien Tsai +20 others
  • 2016
Allergy symptoms have been associated with a reduced head and neck cancer (HNC) risk, while elevated blood immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels have been associated with an increased HNC risk. According to the “prophylaxis hypothesis,” allergic reaction is the body’s way of expelling carcinogens. IgE level may be increased by exposure to environmental carcinogens,(More)
As global green trends became more prevalent, green marketing also developed into an important issue. Although prior literature explored the main factors affecting green trust, it was inconclusive as to how environmental friendliness could affect the green trust in green marketing. This study aims to focus on the positive influence of environmental(More)
  • Yu-Shan Chen, Pei-Guang Yan, Hao Chen, Ai-Jiang Liu, Shuang-Chen Ruan
  • 2015
We reported that the photonic crystal fiber (PCF) filled with TI:Bi2Te3 nanosheets solution could act as an effective saturable absorber (SA). Employing this TI-PCF SA device; we constructed an ytterbium-doped all-fiber laser oscillator and achieved the evanescent wave mode-locking operation. Due to the large cavity dispersion; the fundamental mode-locking(More)
This analysis evaluated the association between serum retinol levels and risk of head and neck cancer (HNC) and whether the association is modulated by the use of alcohol, betel quid, or cigarette. In addition, we also examined the association between HNC risk and 2 single nucleotide polymorphisms, TTR rs1667255 and RBP4 rs10882272, that have been(More)