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The group 7 allergens are important allergenic specificities for mite-sensitive patients and may need to be incorporated into new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. However, little is known about their biological and structural features. Position-specific iterative BLAST showed that they had strong ancestral homology to two related families of(More)
Fusarium species are among airborne fungi and recognized as causative agents of human atopic disorders. However, Fusarium allergens have not been well characterized and the lack of information limits clinical diagnosis and treatment of fungal allergy. The purpose of this study is to identify and characterize important allergens of F. proliferatum.(More)
External stimuli responsive dual drugs carrier was synthesized with Au nanorods (NRs) as the platform. On Au NRs, single stranded DNAs were assembled using 5' thiol end. Following this, complementary DNA (cDNA) strands were hybridized. This hybridized double stranded DNA facilitated doxorubicin (Dox) intercalation into the duplexes. The cDNA designed with(More)
Der p 7 is an important house dust mite allergen. However, antigenic determinants of Der p 7 are largely unknown. The purpose of this study is to analyze the determinants of Der p 7 and determine the structural basis of interactions between Der p 7 and WH9, an IgE-binding inhibition mouse monoclonal antibody (MoAb). IgE and WH9-reactive determinant(s) was(More)
A V(III) thiolate complex activated C-Cl bond in dichloromethane via S-based nucleophilic attack. The reaction products, a V(III)-Cl species (major one) and a V(IV) binding to a CH(2) containing ligand (minor one) were obtained. The work demonstrates sulfur donors in the early-transition metal thiolates having strong nucleophilic characteristics.
Although a number of studies have been conducted on the association between HTR2A T102C polymorphism and major depressive disorder (MDD) in Chinese, this association remains elusive and controversial. To clarify the effects of HTR2A T102C polymorphism on the risk of MDD, a meta-analysis was performed in the Chinese population. Related studies were(More)
A Self-Learning-Based Decision Support System (DSS) is being developed for Beijing city in China. The inspiration is to be able to propose a best suitable measures for a given (either recurrent or non-recurrent) traffic situation, and to apply it to a real-life traffic management. A major concern is to be able to quickly recognise problems and(More)
The redox nature of the non-oxido vanadium sulfur center is associated with several biological systems such as vanadium nitrogenase, the reduction of vanadium ion in ascidians, and the function of amavadin, which is a vanadium(IV) natural product contained in Amanita mushrooms. But the related chemistry is less explored and understood compared to oxido(More)
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