Yu-Ru Huang

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BACKGROUND Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) is a member of the mosquito-borne Flaviviridae family of viruses that causes human encephalitis. Upon infection of a new host, replication of viral RNA involves not only the viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp), but also host proteins. Host factors involved in JEV replication are not well characterized. (More)
Despite the numerous devoted studies, water at solid interfaces remains puzzling. An ongoing debate concerns the nature of interfacial water at a hydrophilic surface, whether it is more solid-like, ice-like, or liquid-like. To answer this question, a complete picture of the distribution of the water molecule structure and molecular interactions has to be(More)
Compressed Sensing concerns a new class of linear data acquisition protocols that are more efficient than the classical Shannon sampling theorem when targeting at signals with sparse structures. In this thesis, we study the stability of a Statistical Restricted Isometry Property and show how this property can be further relaxed while maintaining its(More)
Virus is known to resonate in the confined-acoustic dipolar mode with microwave of the same frequency. However this effect was not considered in previous virus-microwave interaction studies and microwave-based virus epidemic prevention. Here we show that this structure-resonant energy transfer effect from microwaves to virus can be efficient enough so that(More)
In this thesis, we consider the quadratic family f t (x) = tx(1−x), and the set Λ + of parameter values t for which f t has an absolutely continuous invariant measures (a.c.i.m.). It was proven by Jakobson that Λ + has positive Lebesgue measure. Most of the known results about the existence and the measure of parameter values with a.c.i.m. concern a small(More)
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