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1,2-Ethylene-di-N-n-propylcarbamate (1) is characterized as an essential activator of Pseudomonas species lipase while 1,2-ethylene-di-N-n-butyl-, t-butyl-, n-heptyl-, and n-octyl-carbamates (2-5) are characterized as the pseudo substrate inhibitors of the enzyme in the presence of the detergent taurocholate or triton X-100. The inhibition and activation(More)
Automatic verification techniques, which analyze all processes at once, typically do not scale well for large, complex concurrent software systems because of the theoretic barrier - <i>PSPACE</i> complexity in worst case. In this paper, we present our tool named <i>ARCATS</i> (Architecture Refactoring and Compositional Analysis Tool Suite). <i>ARCATS</i>(More)
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