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Crystal structure of a bacterial homologue of glucose transporters GLUT1–4
Glucose transporters are essential for metabolism of glucose in cells of diverse organisms from microbes to humans, exemplified by the disease-related human proteins GLUT1, 2, 3 and 4. DespiteExpand
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A highly convergent chemical synthesis of conformational epitopes of rhamnogalacturonan II.
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Developing Equipotent Teixobactin Analogues against Drug-Resistant Bacteria and Discovering a Hydrophobic Interaction between Lipid II and Teixobactin.
Teixobactin, targeting lipid II, represents a new class of antibiotics with novel structures and has excellent activity against Gram-positive pathogens. We developed a new convergent method toExpand
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Pd-catalyzed C-H oxygenation with TFA/TFAA: expedient access to oxygen-containing heterocycles and late-stage drug modification.
Acid brings the oxygen: a general method for palladium-catalyzed C-H oxygenation has been developed for the facile synthesis of a wide range of functionalized phenols with readily available arylExpand
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Regio- and chemoselective C-H chlorination/bromination of electron-deficient arenes by weak coordination and study of relative directing-group abilities.
Aromatic chlorides are an important class of compounds utilized in drug and natural product syntheses. Today, about 85% of all pharmaceuticals contain or are manufactured using chlorine. By far theExpand
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Ruthenium(II)-catalyzed synthesis of hydroxylated arenes with ester as an effective directing group.
An unprecedented Ru(II) catalyzed ortho-hydroxylation has been developed for the facile synthesis of a variety of multifunctionalized arenes from easily accessible ethyl benzoates with ester as anExpand
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An efficient palladium-catalyzed C-H alkoxylation of unactivated methylene and methyl groups with cyclic hypervalent iodine (i(3+) ) oxidants.
All the hype: The title reaction has been developed for the facile synthesis of a variety of complex alkyl ethers. Cyclic hypervalent iodine (I(3+) ) reagents serve as oxidants for this unique CHExpand
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Thio FCMA intermediates as strong acyl donors: a general solution to the formation of complex amide bonds.
Novel methodology for the formation of amide bonds under neutral conditions is described. Evidence is presented that the active acyl donors are thio FCMA intermediates, generated from the reactionsExpand
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Synthesis of tri- and tetrasubstituted pyrazoles via Ru(II) catalysis: intramolecular aerobic oxidative C-N coupling.
An unprecedented ruthenium(II)-catalyzed intramolecular oxidative C-N coupling method has been developed for the facile synthesis of a variety of synthetically challenging tri- and tetrasubstitutedExpand
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Recent advances in transition metal (Pd, Ni)-catalyzed C(sp3)H bond activation with bidentate directing groups
In recent years, transition metal-catalyzed C(sp3)H functionalization has gradually emerged as a practical and powerful tool to prepare highly valuable chemicals. In this mini-review, we will giveExpand
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