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Pyrosequencing of amplicons V3-V4 of the 16S rRNA gene of 30 samples from the photic layer across the three basins of Lake Baikal has revealed 44 958 sequences of the domain Bacteria. The most representative phylums among all classified sequences in the samples were Actinobacteria, Bacteroidetes, Verrucomicrobia, Proteobacteria, Acidobacteria, and(More)
High-throughput method of sequencing was applied to determine the complete nucleotide sequence of an araphid pennate diatom Synedra acus subsp. radians from Lake Baikal (East Siberia). The assembled genome has a total length of 98 Mbp, the mean coverage is 33x. Structure-functional annotation of the genome was performed.
5 An aquaporinnlike protein of the MIP (major intrinsic protein) family with a molecular weight of approximately 31 kDa was identified in the proteome of the diatom Synedra acus subsp. radians by Western blot hybridization. The analysis of pyrosequencing data showed that the genome of this diatom contained a 8588bp gene encoding a 31.33kDa protein, which on(More)
The existence of the cluster of duplicated sit silicon transporter genes in the chromosome of the diatom Synedra acus subsp. radians was shown for the first time. Earlier, the localization of sit genes in the same chromosome and cluster formation caused by gene duplication was shown only for the marine raphid pennate diatom P. tricornutum. Only(More)
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