Yu. R. Mirzaev

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It has been established that convolvine blocks the M-receptors of the heart and intestine but raises the sensitivity of the M-receptors of the salivary gland and of the CNS, while atropine blocks all the abovementioned M-receptors. Convolvine has revealed characteristics of a sedative and nootropic agent. Atropine, however, which is known as a psychomotor(More)
Solasodine tetra-O-acetyl-3β-D-glucopyranoside was synthesized from tetra-O-acetylbromo-D-glucose by the Koenigs–Knorr reaction using solasodine isolated from cultivated Solanum laciniatum. The structure of the product was established using IR, mass, PMR, 13C NMR, and 2D spectra. The pharmacological properties of the product were studied.
Plants of the Veratrum, Petilium, and Korolkovia (Liliaceae) genera contain steroidal alkaloids belonging to the normal, C-nor, and D-homosteroid types [1]. Alkaloids of these groups differ structurally. This imparts to them different pharmacological activities. Herein we present results of pharmacological research on several normal steroidal alkaloids of(More)
Characteristics of the M-cholinoblocking activities of the alkaloid imperialine, three of its chlorine derivatives, and atropine have been shown. α-Chloroimperialine is a highly active central mixed M2,4-cholinoblocker, while its β-isomer is predominantly a peripheral mixed M2,4-cholinoblocker; a mixture of the α- and β-isomers is a central selective, and(More)
The halogenation of imperialine has given 3α-chloroimperialine, 3β-chloroimperialine, 3α, 6, 6-trichloroimperialine, and 3β-bromoimperialine. 3β-Chloroimperialine was identical with a known chloroimperialine. The structures of the new compounds have been established. Their muscarinolytic activities have been determined.
A procedure has been developed for the quantitative determination of the natural photosensitizers psoberan and psoralen in blood plasma. The furocoumarins are extracted from the plasma with chloroform and are separated from accompanying substances by the TLC method. The quantitative determination is made spectrophotometrically. The sensitivity threshold of(More)
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