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Research on How to Deal with the Contents Related to Function and Calculus in New Curriculum Standard of Senior High Schools
In the concept teaching of function and mapping in senior high schools,content structure should be reorganized,the concept teaching of function should be based on the concept teaching of mapping,andExpand
The Technology on Building Artificial Population Endangered Plant of Ammopiptanthus mongolicus
Building artificial population, which can use two afforestation routes of transplanting seedlings and sowing seed directly, is the essential approach to protect endangered species of A. mongolicus,Expand
Research on Problems in Experiment of New National Senior High School Mathematics Standard
The experiment of national senior high school mathematics standard has made great achievements;meanwhile,there are some problems in the experiment to be researched and solved.The preferableExpand
On the Science Nature and Characteristics of Mathematics and Its Instruction
Mathematics was a branch of science.We should emphasize the systematicness of its curriculum,pay great attention to its some basic concept’s instruction,especially for some important basicExpand
The Suggestion on Returning Farmland and Characteristics of Sand Farmland System in Minqin Oasis
The background and characteristics of returning farmland in Minqin oasis with the study of returning farmland in Minqin oasis was described.Recommendations,ecological restoration targets to returningExpand
Effect of Cutting Frequency on Overground Biomass and Root System of Ceratoides lanata(Pursh) Howell
Based on potted plant test,the effects of different cutting frequency treatments on overground biomass and root system of Ceratoides lanata(Pursh) Howell were studied.The results showed that(1)Expand
Introduction and cultivation trials of Chilopsis linearis in different areas of China
The introducing and cultivating trials of Chilopsis linearis(Cav.) Sweet had been carried out in Turpan,Dunhuang,Minqin and Tianshui of China for continuous 4 years.The results showed that C.linearisExpand
Investigate of Injury Situation by Freeze of Six Evergreen Tree Species in Minqin Desert Area
This paper investigated and analyzed the injury situation by freeze of six evergreen tree species in Min-qin desert area during the period from January to February in 2008.The results showed that theExpand