Yu Qiang Wu

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In this paper, the exponential stability is considered for a class of switched systems containing both stable and unstable subsystems with impulsive effect by using the matrix measure concept and average dwell time approach. The authors show that if the average dwell time and the ratio of the total activation time (of those subsystems) with negative matrix(More)
Acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs) are cation channels which were activated by extracellular acidosis and involved in various physiological and pathological processes in the nervous system. Inflammasome is a key component of the innate immune response in host against harmful and irritable stimuli. As the first discovered molecular platform, NLRP1(More)
Albumin fusion technology, the combination of small molecular proteins or peptides with human serum albumin (HSA), is an effective method for improving the medicinal values of natural small molecular proteins or peptides. However, comparative studies between HSA-fusion proteins or peptides and the parent small molecules in biological and molecular(More)
γ-tocotrienol (GT3), an analogue of vitamin E, has gained increasing scientific interest recently as it provides significant health benefits. It has been shown that emulsified GT3, after subcutaneous administration, has long-term biological effects. However, whether the effects are due to the increase of GT3 level in the early phase following administration(More)
The finite time tracking problem is considered for robotic manipulators with unknown dynamic friction, bounded disturbances and unmodeled dynamics. A global relay switching control scheme with finite time convergence is proposed. For general finite time variable structure controller, the control signals may escape to infinity in finite time when the initial(More)
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