Yu-Qiang Feng

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Currently the price-based only auctions can't completely satisfy the practical demand in E-Commerce. Multi-attribute auctions have gained more and more people's interests because of their advantages comparing to the price-based only auction. In this paper, we propose a novel multi-attribute auction model which is more universal and more suitable for the(More)
The problem considered in this paper is that of selecting, from a set of proposals or a subset of projects to be undertaken. It is influenced by a large number of factors, and many times it is hard to measure them in numbers or an objectively way. This paper addresses this by presenting a method for identifying and assessing key project characteristics,(More)
Traditional approaches to manage business processes are often defective for dynamic, open, inter-organizational business environment. However, with the development of Internet, many business processes exhibit these characteristics. And the business process has become more dynamic and unpredictable. So aiming at these new characteristics we provide a new(More)
With the tremendous growth of online shopping, this paper tries to figure out what factors influence consumer's shopping decisions online. Following the idea of a customer of both traditional market and e-market, his offline experience and online experience in each community may probably affect his decisions to buy a product in e-market, especially for(More)
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