Yu-Qian Zhao

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Muscle thickness measurement in ultrasonography was traditionally conducted by a trained operator, and the manual detecting process is time consuming and subjective. In this paper, we proposed an automatic tracking strategy to achieve the continuous and quantitative measurement for gastrocnemius muscle thickness in ultrasound images. The method involved(More)
BACKGROUND Muscle fiber orientation (MFO) is an important parameter related to musculoskeletal functions. The traditional manual method for MFO estimation in sonograms was labor-intensive. The automatic methods proposed in recent years also involved voting procedures which were computationally expensive. METHODS In this paper, we proposed a new framework(More)
International collaborative training programs for graduate students are widespread, but studies on their educational impact are limited. As an advanced cancer institute in China, Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Science (CHCAMS) attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation within graduate education. The Department of(More)
Proline accumulations in abiotically stressed plants is generally considered to benefit their stress tolerance. The Δ1-Pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase (P5CS) gene family, which encodes the rate-limiting enzyme in proline biosynthesis pathway, usually contains two duplicated genes in most plants. However, three P5CS genes including LrP5CS1, LrP5CS2 as(More)
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