Yu-Ping Hung

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This paper proposes two types of machine-extracted linguistic features from unlimited text input for Mandarin prosody generation. One is the improved punctuation confidence (iPC) which is a modified version of the previously proposed punctuation confidence that represents likelihood of inserting major punctuation marks (PMs) at word boundaries. Another is(More)
In this paper, a novel parametric prosody coding approach for Mandarin speech is proposed. It employs a hierarchical prosodic model (HPM) as a prosody generating model in the encoder to analyze the speech prosody of the input utterance to obtain a parametric representation of four prosodic-acoustic features of syllable pitch contour, syllable duration,(More)
Deep ocean water (DOW) has been shown to enhance the functional components of fungi, resulting in increased health benefits. Therefore, using DOW for culturing fungi can enhance the cordycepin and adenosine of Cordyceps militaris (CM) and its protective effects on the liver. In this study, the antiliver fibrosis effects and mechanisms of ultrapure(More)
Cordyceps militaris is a type of entomogenous fungi and has been widely used as a medicinal fungus in Asia. Cordycepin produced by C. militaris has also been found to protect the liver. Moreover, deep ocean water (DOW) was proven to increase the functional compounds of functional fungi-fermented products. However, the regulation of the metals in DOW is(More)
Monacolin K has long been considered a major effective component in the hypolipidemic functions of Monascus . Monacolin K also serves as a well-known hypolipidemic medication, but its side effect myopathy is a concern. Monascin and ankaflavin, the yellow pigments produced by Monascus species, have been proven to possess hypolipidemic functions; however,(More)
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