Yu-Pin Luo

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The study of fluctuations in gene regulatory networks is extended to the case of Gaussian colored noise. First, the solution of the corresponding Langevin equation with colored noise is expressed in terms of an Ito integral. Then, two important lemmas concerning the variance of an Ito integral and the covariance of two Ito integrals are shown. Based on the(More)
A novel way of characterizing the process of reaching consensus for a social system is given. The foundation of the characterization is based on the theorem which states that the sufficient and necessary condition for a system to reach the state of consensus is the occurrence of communicators, defined as the units of the system that can directly communicate(More)
The effect of different Monte Carlo move sets on the the folding kinetics of lattice polymer chains is studied from the geometry of the conformation-network. The networks have the characteristics of small-world. The Monte Carlo move, rigid rotation, has drastic effect on the geometric properties of the network. The move not only change the connections but(More)
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