Yu. Ph. Kartavtsev

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The seaslug Janolus fuscus of the family Proctonotidae, which is new to the Russian fauna, was found in the Sea of Japan for the first time. A small population of this mollusk was found at the northwestern coast on a bank occupying approximately 3000 m2 of the sea bottom south of Rudnaya Bay. Data on the distribution, ecology, radula morphology, and feeding(More)
This paper examines the genetic variability of the Pacific mussel Mytilus trossulus and an introduced Atlantic species, M. galloprovincialis, in the northwestern Sea of Japan (Peter the Great Bay and Kievka Bay). The genotyping of individuals from eight populations was carried out using eight polymorphic enzyme loci and two nuclear DNA markers (Me-5 and(More)
An analysis of the variability of 34 sequences of the 5′-region of the Co-1 mitochondrial gene fish of the genus Ammodytes has been performed taking the precise geographic location into account. Among them, seven sequences are original data and 27 were retrieved from the GenBank. Two hypotheses on the taxonomic composition of sand lances of North Pacific(More)
A total of 95 nucleotide sequences of a Co-1 gene fragment of approximately 650 bp were analyzed for fishes of the orders Perciformes and Scorpaeniformes (outgroup). Gene trees based on four algorithms (BA, NJ, MP, and ML) were similar in topology of solved branches. An emphasis was placed on the species and generic levels, but a significant phylogenetic(More)
Samples of seven Sisorid catfish species of the genus Glyptothorax (G. garhwali, G. dakpathari, G. brevipinnis, G. ngapang, G. granulus, G. ventrolineatus, and G. davissinghi) were collected from the Himalayan region and the Western Ghats of India. They were analyzed for the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene (Cyt b). Out of 1152 nucleotide positions analyzed,(More)
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